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Building Successful Radiology Teams

GE Roundtable Discussion – Workload Measurement and Management

Helix® Balance Radiologist Dashboard

How to Manage Clinical Workflow

Helix® Balance Administration

How an Administrator Would Use Balance

Effects of Real Time Feedback on Radiologist Productivity and Practice Profitability

By tracking real-time workflow data and comparing it to our practice goals, Helix® Pace analytics prompted dialogue and supported decisions resulting in changes within our radiologists’ practice. The changes were evident by immediately, improved productivity, financial gains, and, best of all, happier radiologists.

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How to Prevent Cherry Picking on Radiologists Worklists

One of the problems in radiology today is the selective cherry picking of easier and more desirable cases from the DICOM worklists and leaving the more complicated studies for other radiologists to read. This is partly due to human nature, and partly because of the way radiologists are paid for their work based on relative value units (RVUs), which reward those who read more studies, regardless of complexity.

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