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Optimize Your Most Valuable Resource – Radiologists’ Time

Helix® Radiology Performance Suite

Maximizing the positive impact Radiology has on healthcare.

The Helix Radiology Performance Suite consists of software and services that have been developed hand-in-hand with the radiology experts and physicians who use the applications everyday. The first fundamental principle behind Helix is to deliver quantifiable value to radiology practices regardless of size or setting. We fully consider and acknowledge the meaningful differences between a small private remote group and an employed on-site academic group and all the variations in between.

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Helix Balance

Helix Balance is an intelligent orchestration engine that combines patient history, physician performance, clinical priority and real-time exam volume to optimize radiologist’s workflow across the entire practice.

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Helix Pace

Helix Pace dynamically adjusts productivity targets based on complexity of exam and historical performance trends to help physicians optimize their workload and RVU output.

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Helix Path

Helix Path seamlessly integrates into diagnostic workflow to ensure that clinically relevant information derived from imaging procedures is appropriately managed within the health system.

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Insights and Education

Firsthand practice management expertise and thought leadership with proven results.

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Enterprise Radiology Platform

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Technology Solutions

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Radiologist Support Team

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Practice Management Services

Practice Management Services

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Quantifiable Value


Radiologist Productivity Increase


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Day Per Radiologist

What Customers Are Saying

In today's data driven world, where everyone has the facts at their fingertips thanks to Google, we cannot effectively manage by anecdotal evidence, we need to bring data to the table to support tough discussions. In radiology, a Radiologist is our most valuable and expensive resource, so it makes sense to manage that resource effectively. Helix Pace provides the data we need to transform difficult conversations into collaborative improvement.

Matthew DesRosiers
CEO Winchester Radiologists – Helix Pace