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Our passion is elevating the role of medical technology in the healthcare industry. We create flexible, customer-driven business solutions that improve our client's productivity, profitability, and healthcare delivery while concurrently minimizing risk and liability. Q-IT specializes in business analytics and management software in association with our IT management and consulting services.

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What isn’t documented never happened. Doc-u-sent not only neatly documents all communications between our department and others, but also helps Read More

I began using Doc-U-Sent two years ago to track incidental imaging findings, abnormal mammograms, and any other result that warrants Read More

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Are You Losing Valuable Time? What is the Cost?

For attorneys and paralegals these are mostly rhetorical questions.  The majority of timekeepers are hemorrhaging time on a continual basis. This is particularly evident in solo, small, and midsize firms. Not that individual lawyers at large firms don’t suffer the same problem – it’s just not as endemic.  Now the exciting news: I can fix the problem! Let’s do the math: If we assume that...

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